Happy New Year to all! May this year bring much health, happiness and satisfaction with your Heritage Breeds activity.

We are pleased to report 100% of the attendees at both the Fall meetings of the Club were supportive of our suggested activities and the focus of the organization under the new name, and indicated same by paying their 2015 membership. If you were among this group, your newsletter should include your membership card. If you have not already joined, a membership form is included along with the return address to which it can be mailed. Please note, the membership fee of $10.00 is a family membership. Memberships will also be available at any of the various events where we have an information booth or a display of livestock. Membership is open to anyone interested in Heritage Livestock, developing niche markets, growing naturally raised food and associated interests.

Club volunteers will be manning a display at the LIVING LOCALLY FAIR in Russell on Saturday, January 17th at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School and also at the ECO FARM DAY in Cornwall at the Ramada Inn on Saturday, February 28th.

Our Annual General Meeting will be held on Saturday, March 7th, in Russell at St. Thomas Aquinas Secondary School starting at 10 AM. The agenda promises to have something for everyone along with good food and plenty of time for networking. The draft agenda is included and we will e-mail everyone with regular updates. Remember, everyone interested in Heritage Breeds is welcome to attend.

In addition to the events listed above, we will continue to achieve our goals and objectives related to preserving and promoting Heritage Livestock by participating in local Fairs, Exhibitions, Harvest Festivals and other special events. We will also continue to partner with organizations such as Cumberland Museum, Upper Canada Village, schools and 4H groups as requested.

Using the expertise of some of our senior members and that of some new and experienced members,

we will continue to assist with the sourcing of livestock, the registration process and coaching in the development of niche markets as requested. Marketing opportunities will be offered through the use of a new and updated website presently under construction.

This Heritage Livestock Club is the result of many members working together to raise the awareness of Heritage Breeds and their advantages. We look forward to everyone volunteering and participating as their schedule allows throughout the year.