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October 16, 2017

 I have a few cows for sale.

Pictue #1 Purebred White Galloway Cow bred to Purebred White Bull $2500. Picture #2 F1 cross Cow (Belted Galloway/White Galloway) bred to Purebred White Galloway bull $2000.Galloway Cattle are excellent mothers, fatten on grass and forage very well, have a double coat for extra warmth which helps in reducing feed consumption in winter. Produce small calves. These heritage cattle are a medium size animal, with nice loin length.

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Ridley Bronze Turkey poults for sale.  email:

Located near Russell, On.  This year’s hatch, males and females.  Under 2 months $16 each, over 2 months $25 each.



Wanted to trade quality Chantecler cockerels to add genetic diversity to  my flock.
Ian Kentell telephone 613-931-1468 email: