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Ridley Bronze Turkey poults for sale.  email:

Located near Russell, On.  This year’s hatch, males and females.  Under 2 months $16 each, over 2 months $25 each.


Registered North Country Cheviot Ram and Ewe Lambs for Sale.

We have two registered North Country Cheviot ram lambs. One is on the Genovis Top Ram report (top 10%) and QR for codon 171. The other is on the Genovis Improver Ram Report (top 25%) and RR for Codon 171. We are asking  $650 each for the rams. We also have a registered North Country Cheviot ewe lamb for sale (Gx 2.68 96%, Tx 2.81 94%, GxM 1.21 86% and 0.92 84% and QR for Codon 171. We are asking $400 for the ewe. All were born in May and were born and raised as twins. Our flock is raised on pasture with grain supplement.  We have selected for hardiness, strong maternal characteristics and correct conformation.   More information is on our website  Contact Laurie Maus at


Wanted to trade quality Chantecler cockerels to add genetic diversity to  my flock.
Ian Kentell telephone 613-931-1468 email: